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Here and Now: The Vision of the Jewish Labor Bund in Interwar Poland

Members of the Tsukunft youth group. (Middle row, r) Rachel Fligel, who later married Alexander Erlich, a son of Bundist leader Henryk Erlich. View »Bikhervelt (The World of Books), a monthly Yiddish literary journal published by Kultur Lige, an organization affiliated with the Bund, which... View »
Members of the Morgenstern sports club on an outing in Skalka, Poland. View »Children sledding at the Medem Sanatorium in Miedzeszyn, near Warsaw. View »
Cover of a Yiddish school notebook on anatomy by Chaya Andruzhevsky, a 6th grade student at the Kupferstein School, Vilna. View »A Yiddish literary anthology, Children of the World, published by the secular Yiddish school organization, Tsysho, Vilna. View »
Members of the Tsukunft Self-Defense Group carry the Socialist flag on May Day, Warsaw. View »Noah Portnoy (standing), chairman of the Bund Central Committee, together with other leaders of the Bund, at a celebration of the party's 30th... View »